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Why is walking your dog important for both you and them?

It is common knowledge why it is important to walk your dog every day. However in today’s blog we are going to go into more detail looking at the main benefits for both you and your dog. First of all let us look at reason we have to walk our beloved dog.


Your Dogs Health

The day you buy or adopt your dog is the day you have full responsibility for its wellbeing. You are now in control of your pets wellbeing, safety and most importantly health. By walking our dogs frequently we will find them thriving both physically and mentally. Just like a human a healthy lifestyle helps in contributing to living a longer life. I think I speak for everyone when I say we never want to have to let our dogs go!

Tip: Changing your walk route and introducing new games during exercise time can be ways of keeping it exciting.

Your Health

People often find it difficult to fit everything they need to do in to their typical day. We understand that going to work, walking the dog, cooking dinner and getting yourself to the gym can be challenging. Walking your dog is a great way of exercising and getting out in the fresh air. You could even think about jogging with your dog by your side. This is an ideal way to tick two tasks off your list as you keep the both of you fit.

Fact: Walking at least two miles per day burns over 200 calories. If you take your dog on at least a 2 mile walk each day you could lose 20lbs in weight each year.

Socialising with your dog

While out on walks it is a great opportunity to allow your dog the chance to interact with other different dogs. What many owners don’t realise is that socialising with dogs should continue throughout their life not just as puppies. The more your dog interacts the more confident it becomes around other animals.

It is also a great tool for making new friends and meeting new people as an owner. Often walking my dog people will strike up conversation asking simple questions regarding my animal and I am the same. It is a great way to find out about new walking routes or just to hear about someone else’s pet.

Bond between you and your dog

Walking your dog is one of the quickest ways to build a strong relationship with your dog. This is especially the case when bringing home a dog for the first time. Try using treats and physical affection when they do something well on the walk as this will help to deepen the bond.

Tip: Always have your dog walking beside or behind you. By letting it wander off in front you are accepting that they are in control of the walk and not you. This is especially important in dogs that struggle with behavioural issues.

Those are just some of the reasons we believe walking your dog is important and the benefits you gain for doing so. If you have any other reasons we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us on our social media platforms especially Facebook.