Monday to Friday : 8.30am - 6.30pm
Saturday : 9.00am - 12.00pm
Sunday : Closed

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All our consultations are by appointment and are available at the following times:

Monday 9 - 1pm and 2 - 6pm

Tuesday 9 - 1pm and 2 - 6pm

Wednesday 9 - 1pm and 2 - 6pm

Thursday 9 - 1pm and 2 - 6pm

Friday 9 - 1pm and 2 - 6pm

Saturday 9 - 11.30am

If you require an appointment outside of these hours please contact the surgery for advice.

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Pet Health Advice


Obesity is a growing issue amongst cats, dogs and rabbits and can lead to or exacerbate a variety of health problems e.g. diabetes mellitus, arthritis, heart disease etc. One of the best ways to help your pet lose weight is regular exercise, not only for dogs but by encouraging your cat to play they can shed the pounds too. Remember as with any exercise programme to build up gradually and sensibly. Contact the surgery for advice. You are always welcome to bring your pets into the surgery for a FREE weight check any week day between 11.00am and 4.00pm.

Preventative medication

With all our busy lives, routine treatments can easily be forgotten. Remember to worm your pets regularly (every 3 months) and when spring arrives fleas are a particular nuisance. Contact us to find the product most suitable for you and your pet. FREE text reminder service available for worming treatments.

Pet Insurance

Many people don't think about pet insurance until it is too late and they are faced with an unexpected bill. We recommend Cover for Life/ Lifetime cover policies - various leaflets are available at the surgery.

Dental care

Many dogs and cats over the age of 4yrs are affected by dental disease. There are various methods of helping to maintain healthy teeth and gums e.g. diet, chew sticks, brushing etc. However an initial dental scale and polish may be required to restore a healthy mouth.

Dental disease is very common in rabbits, therefore feeding the appropriate diet and regular dental checks are vital for the health and well being of your pet.


When your mind turns to booking your summer holidays make sure your pet is up to date with their vaccinations. No reputable boarding establishment will accept your pets if their vaccines are out of date. Kennel cough vaccination may also be required for your dogs.

This is HALF PRICE if given with the annual booster vaccination.

Useful Links

RSPCA, North Somerset Branch 

The Veterinary Expert website 

If your dog has epilepsy, you may be interested in signing up for helpful videos from The Veterinary Expert's pet care webinars service.

Please contact us if you'd like any further advice on caring for your pet. You can call or email and our friendly staff will be happy to help.