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All our consultations are by appointment and are available at the following times:

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If you require an appointment outside of these hours please contact the surgery for advice.

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Noise Phobia & Firework Advice for your Pet


Fireworks seems to be a year-round issue now! But they are most associated with November 5th and New Year. Preparation is the key for ensuring pet phobias are managed in advance of the fireworks starting.

Fireworks can be great fun for people but is often a source of fear for animals. If your pet is traumatised by the loud bangs and flashes, we have put together some tips to help make fireworks less frightening.

  • Some pheromone products need to be started up to a month prior to fireworks.
  • Make sure your animals are secure. It's best to keep dogs and cats safely indoors at night. For small animals that live outside, you can partly cover their cage so they have somewhere to hide, and make sure they have plenty of bedding to burrow into.
  • Give your dog or cat a safe place to hide, in a cupboard, behind some furniture, etc.
  • If your pet chooses to hide, don't try to tempt them out. They are best left alone.
  • Close any windows or curtains to muffle the sounds/lights as much as possible.
  • Music may help to mask the noise of the fireworks.
  • Try and ignore the noises yourself.

For further advice please speak to us here at Bridge Veterinary Surgery. A general health check maybe required before certain medications can be prescribed.