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How often does my fish tank need cleaning?

In this blog post we are going to dive into the world of aquarium tanks and how often they should be cleaned. We will also touch upon the suggested methods of cleaning as well briefly. When it comes to keeping your fish tank clean there is no set rule on how many times you need to clean the tank.

There are a few different contributing factors that will help in your deciding when the tank does need cleaned:

  • Size of the tank
  • Filtering system
  • Type of fish
  • Number of fish

The size of the tank can often be one thing to take into consideration when you are going to plan how frequently the aquarium needs to be cleaned. From past observations we believe that smaller tanks seem to get dirtier quicker than larger tanks. However, this is not always the case that is why it important to always be vigilant when it comes to your fish and the tank.

Another factor is the filtering system the tank has to keep the water fresh. The main purpose of this is to remove any excess food, fish’s waste and dangerous chemicals. It is in most cases the better quality filtering system you have the less frequently you have to look at completely cleaning your tank. Invest wisely reading reviews into what filtering tank works best for the fish you have and the tank as well.

The type of fish and the quantity you keep are also factors to take into consideration. It is always good to talk with the experts you are buying the fish from they will have their own recommendations that you can at least follow to start with. After having the fish for a while you will be in the best place to judge how frequently the tank needs cleaned.


How to clean a fish tank

Cleaning Process:

  • Siphon the stones found at the bottom of the fish tank for any uneaten food or debris.
  • Change between 15– 20 % of the aquariums water
  • Test your water for nitrate, pH levels and ammonia.
  • Clean the inside of the glass to remove any algae
  • Check the filter is working properly when installing it back in

The best way to keep your fish healthy and the tank fresh is by watching the tank every time you are feeding the fish. Make sure that the water is a nice clean colour and that your fish are moving around trouble free. If your fish is struggling for air, moving sluggishly or stressed it is most likely time for a partial water change. Another way to make sure everything is fresh is by smelling the tank.

We hope you have found this blog helpful in what to look for when it comes time to cleaning out your tank. Although there is no set guidelines we believe by having a better understanding you will be in a position to implement a cleaning schedule unique to your aquarium.