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How to Exercise your Dog While Indoors

In this blog we are going to look at some different ways you can exercise your dog while being indoors. These tips are especially helpful over the winter months when we are both reluctant to be outside as much as we should. As we all know here in the UK that is the majority of the year.


Indoor Exercises for Dogs

Meal time for your dog is a great time to add a new and fun twist. We can do this by placing food in to interactive and puzzling dog toys. This will not only keep your dog entertained but also help to stimulate it mentally. Have a look at the link below to see some examples of games.

FYI: You can purchase these types of games from most major pet stores and off other websites such as amazon and eBay. Always make sure to read the reviews from other owners to get the best toy suited to your dog.

Hide The Treats

Sticking with the food theme at the moment another great way to keep your beloved dog active is by hiding treats. Get a big pack of your dog’s favourite treats and start to place them strategically round the house. This will not only get your dog moving around it will also let it use it’s naturally instincts when sniffing the treats out.

Tip: Think about placing the treats in places your dog will have to work to get. Using the stairs is a great way to add more movement into your dog’s daily routine. Placing treats at the top and then the bottom once that treat has been collected works well.

Rotate Dog Toys

As dog owners we are often guilty of not replacing our dogs toys as much as we should. Your dog can often be looked at much like a child in the sense a kid would get bored of theirs after a while. By rotating and treating your dog to new toys they will stay interested and excited when you play with them.

Recommendation: There is a really good “chuck it indoor” ball that can be safely thrown around the house. It is not like the typical ball you would take to the park to launch. These are soft resilient balls that you can play with inside with limited risk. Please feel free to have a look by clicking here.

Please feel free to share this blog with all your dog loving friends!